Alpha Koumiishi

Devenir seigneur
Alpha Koumiishi
Nom: Alpha Koumiishi
Director Alpha is an A7M1 model. Being the first of the A7 series, she is also named "Alpha". Since the robots usually inherit the name of their respective owners, it is possible that Sensei (or one of her relatives) may have been Alpha's owner. She also possesses a pendant identical to that of Sensei. Kokone once mentions that the A7M1 is also known as "the Phantom" although how she had earned the alias or what it even implies is never given. Besides this, not much is known about her origins or purpose.

She is currently the director of the stratospheric aircraft called Taapon that circles the Earth, observing the world's changes from above. It is hinted that she will be its last living passenger because she does not age, unlike the rest of the crew.

Director Alpha is shown to have a strong mental connection with Alpha Hatsuseno though neither of them seem to be aware of it.