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Death Note
Koe no Katachi
Koe no Katachi
Koe no Katachi
Koe no Katachi review
Koe no Katachi
Apr 15, 2021
Koe no Katachi review
Writing review again, i will try to not spoiler the story throughout my review.
Sorry if my grammar is wrong, because it is not my main language.

Do you ever feel betrayed by your BEST friend ?? someone you thought will always support you no matter what happened, someone who will always stand up for you whenever you get bullied ??

Story 10/10
I gave the story 10 score because, the story where the main character bullying action, backfire to him, really catch my attention. At first, it seems the story is really boring because it just showed us a typical kids playing after school with their friends, until someone who couldn't hear come to their class, and the main character relationship with his friend, gradually disappeared because they didn't want to take a responsibility for the bullying action they did together, and just blame everything on the main character.

Art 9/10
Why i gave this manga's art 9/10 ?? i thought the design of the main character is really ugly. hahaha, just kidding, the art is not very outstanding but it fits the manga theme very well.

Character 10/10
I definitely gave this manga's character 10 score because their attitude throughout the manga.
The main character attitude, at first was really bad. He didn't even think about his bullying target feeling at all, He act impolite to his friend and sometimes to his mother. But after the incident, he gradually change his demeanor and became a well mannered high-schooler. Main character friends, even though at first, they became a traitor just to save their life, they eventually repair their relationship with each other.

Enjoyment 10/10
In the end, i really enjoy this manga. i never feel bored when i read this manga.

Overall 9/10
Overall, i gave this manga 9 score, because of its good story and good character.
Always cherish everything you have, especially your friends and your family. Don't do something that will hurt their feelings, always maintain a good relationship with them, because once they leave your life, you will regret it.
Buta Koushaku ni Tensei shita kara, Kondo wa Kimi ni Suki to Iitai
Watashi no... Megane-kun
Watashi no... Megane-kun
Watashi no... Megane-kun
Watashi no... Megane-kun review
Watashi no... Megane-kun
Apr 13, 2021
Watashi no... Megane-kun review
*This review may have some spoilers.

I read this manga about half a year ago.

Story: 5
Art: 8
Character: 6
Enjoyment: 2
Overall: 1

Straight to the point, this book was a disappointment.


1. Good art
- The male characters were especially well drawn.
- Unique art style.

2. Somewhat consistent
- The character’s personality does not change(without reasons).
- Was about one topic the whole time(love and the conflicts that occur while being in a romantic relationship).


1. Rape scene
- Not only does it have a rape scene, but it claims the “criminal” as being “innocent” somewhat.
- The boy who raped the protagonist girl justifies himself that he didn’t know she would be inexperienced. Even if she was experienced, does that grant him an authority to rape her anyway?

2. Weak plot line
- Consistency is good, but a repetitive plot isn’t a good thing.
- The couple(Megane-kun and Chouko) fights the whole time throughout the book.

3. Weird ass story
- The couple “loves” each other, but all they do is argue.
- Random appearance of another character who likes Chouko.
- As said before, had a tendency to justify criminals.
- In the beginning, Megane-Kun tells Chouko that he hates her when he ends up loving her. Tf

I was utterly disappointed when I finished this book because it was recommended as being a yandere-related book. To be honest, I could see why it’s yandere material, but this ain’t it sis. I mean c’mon, the character development isn’t very well written, the whole book is annoying. I wasn't expecting any rape to happen in this manga, as well as it being justified.

Don’t read it if you are expecting a yandere x yandere.
Megane-Kun was beautiful though. Lol

Giving it a 1 overall because of the crime justification.
Red flag
Doutei Zetsumetsu Rettou
Youkai Ningen
Youkai Ningen
Youkai Ningen
Youkai Ningen review
Youkai Ningen
Apr 12, 2021
Youkai Ningen review
The survival Game/ horror type of story was a genre i really did like when i was a cringey edgy-teen now with all the manga i have read can easily say that it's one of the genre i despise the most .But before starting the review i must give my respect to the WaterFlame scanlations team for scanning this piece of trash without abandoning the project after 3 chapters

Art: 2
The art is bad sometimes it's ok and sometimes you just ask youself if the guy behind this really know how to draw .There are proportion problem on every single panel the storyboard is too much cut .Nah in the end the art is not bad it's total garbage

It's like the author ate every survival game manga to vomitate the character

Story: 1
The story does not have any logic ,it sucks it has no purpose to tell us anything ,the character development has no effects on the characters ,the plot twist are ridiculous asf and the final revelation is typical bullshit and does not tell us anything about the story (because i think the author may have tought of a part 2)
So the story start like any of those survival game story the main character (who has the typical main character haircup) wake up in a place he does not know next to a girl he does not know then after some cliché reaction and some cliché plot point they discover that they have killing collars around their neck (like in lot of survival game manga)and that they need to kill other participants using a syringue to dissolve because if they dont do well the plot will never advance.They encounter their fist victim who looked kinda nice and who still tried to rape the cliché girl (yes you see who i'm talking about the guys who always die first, the big nice delinquent who ends up being a rapist).So they kill the guy who transform into jelly and put him in a box to send him to the mastermind after that the plot literally explodes.We have the typical tsundere interaction .The look the main girl may have something to do with the mastermind .Oh look we have 2 new character (loli and delinquent( 2) trying to kill us , oh look they wanna help us escape in the end *10 pages later* oh look we managed to escape ,oh look we where on a boat all along ,oh look now we are on the island of the organisation who does nothing oh look the twin sister of the cliché girl was here all along and did you know she was raped when she was a kid ?Oh look the delinquent (2) we encountered like 20 min ago knew it all along and came here to *blow the place*to take revenge .The twin sister is not bad .And after some plot explanation i did not understand and some garbage *emotional scenes* they manage to escape (i dont know how ) and we see them like 2 month after the event on a cliché scene like "iwe got home but thing will never really come back to normal " and then we discover that the Loli was the mastermind all along .

Enjoyment :1
So bad i could not even find this funny

A must read if you are collecting garbage manga
Rule: Shoumetsu Kyoushitsu
Time Paradox Ghost Writer
Time Paradox Ghost Writer
Time Paradox Ghost Writer
Time Paradox Ghost Writer review
Time Paradox Ghost Writer
Apr 11, 2021
Time Paradox Ghost Writer review
When I read the first chapters I had the following thoughts: "This is a unique and interesting story, however can this be 100+ chapters long? Or at least 50?" And as you see, with a total number of 14 chapters, it couldn't. But why was it determined to be short, and still be felt complete? To answer this question let's start with this review.

Story 6/10
As I mentioned, the story starts very interesting and unique. It is a kinda sci-fi Bakuman, and I like bakuman a lot. But right at the start you also get the feeling of emptiness or not well thought out story. Maybe It was never mean to be a long manga, but that would be strange if you want to serialized your work. But what was the problem? The main plot was interesting, of course, but when I read a chapter at the end I had this feeling of "was that all?", and not in a good way. While Bakuman was relatively fast paced, it still felt full of comedy, drama, romance and what else, and kept the readers hooked. In this work, you had this "timetravel manga writing" plot, but mostly the story was just filled with amazing art, and not a deep story. The timetravel was just for shine, all the manga work process was mostly just skipped, and character developments wasn't even there. So for example, you got maybe 2-4 (cheap) lines of plot, but the rest was just art. And yes, you can tell a good story with just art... for a battle/action manga, but not for a complex sci-fi drama, what it has supposed to be.
So at the end, I gave the most points for the exciting idea. In addition, it rushed it's own main story. So yeah, the story writer completed his story (in 14 chapters), but he sacrificed a lot of potential and side stories.

Art 8/10
The only outstanding thing in this manga was probably the art. It was really detailrich and the character designed envolved paralel to the story. However, there was just 2 real characters and was just running for 3 month, so he didn't have to come up with new designs, attacks or places. For example (again) in Bakuman, the artist had to draw a pair of manga styles within his own art style. So sometimes it was a clash of styles which was really exciting. While here you get this one style, for this manga, and the 2-3 mangas within the story. So even it was amazing and detailrich, and maybe it was due to its shortness, it had just this one style for all.

Character 4/10
The biggest problem for a short manga is everytime the character development and/or the variaty of characters. In this work, you get 2 and a half character (the half was the "timetravel"... which you will understand if you read it). Their development was also so damn fast, one of the two just got its full story in just one chapter... While the main character was a kinda a workaholic masochist with almost no reason. We got a bit of explanation, but like the whole story, it felt empty and not well thought out...

Enjoyment 5/10
I really enjoyed the art and the base plot. But as I told you before, at the same time it was too fast paced, it lacked of character and it really felt empty. If the mangaka did not start with this speed story telling, he may could put more story and character development in it. Than it may catched or hooked more readers and would be more enjoyable.

Overall 6/10
Overall you get a fast paced, but complete story. However, it was supposed to be a complex sci-fi drama about manga creating, but failed completely. The art is definitely the strongest point in this work and I hope for more artwork from the drawer. The storywriter had a excellent idea, but he maybe need more experiance for a story like that.
I would recommend this manga, if you want a short unique timetravel manga story with nice art. However, if you really want a story about the manga working process Bakuman is a way better option. Also you will find a way better timetravel sci-fi stories than this. (I never read one... I just heard a lot about Steins:Gate, so I can't recommend any like that. For Anime, I just know a few like 'Island' or 'Punch Line' where the main plot is time travel, but none of them are truly sci-fi)
Dogeza de Tanondemita
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