Death Note review

Apr 16, 2021
I'm so going to miss reading this manga!

First of all the plot is very genius and unique, the characters (Light, L also Light's father and Ryuk) are absolutely great and different.

1) I think that this manga would've been better if it was 9-10 volumes because there were a lot of fillers which had no purpose at all (example Yotusba weirdos)
2) if the writer did only ONE person point of thinking (which would be Light's) and not every character because seriously who cares what a police man REALLLLLY is thinking especially that it won't add a thing to the story?
3) if the L replacement was actually A SMART DETECTIVE not a retard little boy (near) who's character is soooooo boring and unrealistic.
4) Mello and Near NEVER HAPPENED.

Another thing I can say is that Obata only focused on developing Light character but failed with some others.

I was so sad to see Light die this pathetically in front of Near :"( and why Near have to live?? Argh! And yes, I do think that near used the death note, I don't trust him!

Overall, the manga was really good, could've been better? YES but it was really good (except for 3 volumes) and I'm glad that I read it as my first manga and I recommend it for everybody.
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Death Note
Death Note
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