Solo Leveling review

Apr 15, 2021
Oh no, where do I fucking begin. Despite what many of the manwha legion will claim, this story is not one that is good and has no real meaning that leaves you feeling bored after the official ending. This shit must have been written by an angsty 15 year old because it is every bit of power fantasy that you would expect from a something written by them. The main character has a heroic moment at the beginning, but after that his personality does a complete 180 and is easily one of the most powerful characters nearly 30 chapters in. A lot of stories seem to miss the slow progression of the hero and it is very saddening to see a bunch of the hero's development and charm nearly disappear.

Before explaining the rest of the story, a fatal flaw about the manwha must be discussed. The simple fact that no other character in the show (except for one other character that is promptly killed) takes all of the interesting progression out of the story. I do not understand why the author thought that it was a good idea to lock everyone else's power level and only have him scale up. Later on, this becomes a massive problem later on, but this is even important near the beginning.

The art is pretty good, especially for a webtoon. Panels can be boring and the backgrounds can be lacking. Overall, it's fine and there's nothing that can be too criticized, other than the fact that the character designs can be uninspired.

Here comes the issue. Spoilers ahead. The story revolves around leveling up, so it goes without saying that the enemies would need to be more and more powerful over time. Giving the main character a necromancer ability that allows him to use very strong monsters from past fights was a big mistake. It completely removes any weakness that he may have and effectively kills all the tension that may arise in fights. Having the main character lose builds character and increases stakes for later fights, but after so many fights with 0 losses I know that he can't lose. Power creep gets very bad after he clears the hard demon dungeon, and that's when I lost almost all interest. Every other character is sucking his dick and he has near infinite power. His edge is also through the roof as he kills without mercy but is still kind-hearted? I just didn't understand his character. When he single-handedly defeats an enemy that none of the other top hunters in the nation could do combined and rose him from the dead, I understood that the manwha could not go on and that it's problems could only get worse.

How could the character even lose at this point? He is unbeatable and untouchable. This is as generic and bland as it gets, saved only by the art.

Tl;dr I would avoid this one.
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Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling
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