Solo Leveling review

Apr 17, 2021
Solo Leveling is the new popular Manhwa which has taken the community by storm. It even made it into the top 5 of myanimelist, which was really suprising to me so I was intrigued to check it out. I finally got around to reading it & caught up with it in two days, as of now I have read 110 chps of the Manhwa which also marks the end of the first season & it prolly will go on short hiatus

The Story of Solo Leveling starts off quite simple & feels another one of those "zero to hero" kinda stories (and let's Just say I am not a fan of those), but Solo Leveling adds a interesting twist to it i.e The World is actually supposed to be a game & all the characters act in accordance. This factor helps the differentiate itself frm it's many counterparts but in the process also manages to feel unique. Our main who is supposedly the (main character" of the game & is slowly leveling & soon becomes really op.. There r still a lot of mysteries which r yet to be solved, though I presume the final obstacle would be the system. One thing I didn't liked was Jeju Island arc which straight felt like they straight up copied the Chimera Ant Arc, though they didn't took the core themes of it, I think they could've done some changes instead of opting such a subtle way

The characters r quite good & have a depth to them. I essentially really like the slow transformation of Sung Jin Woo's character as he slowly progressive, with him become more inhuman as he levels up.. Besides him there isn't really stand out but all of them r quite likable though I presume we will go more in depth about some characters in Season 2 like Chae Hae In.

Easily the best part about the series, the art is really good & well polished. I was actually quite surprised as I don't normally expect this level of art from s Manhwa. It really helps to encapsulate the impact of what is happening & sometimes I just stare at the panels for few seconds Just to properly appreciate it.

Overall Enjoyment
Overall I really enjoyed this & had good time with it, though this is only my impression of the first season & it might/might not change in future.
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Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling
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