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Sōsuke Aizen
Apr 01, 2021
Tianbei Jianzhu chose to destroy himself, why?
      Bai Zai said: He also has his own dignity. . .
      dignity? what is that? Do things that have to be reflected in this way to be called dignity? Then I boldly ask, then what do we want dignity to do? In order to obliterate the mistakes you have made through death? That kind of thing would rather be discarded.

      Unknowingly, Tianbei Xiangsuke embarked on a long journey of revenge because of this goal (someone reminded me that I should not be called a "target" because this is just a vicious plan), but he tried to make I became stronger, constantly tempered myself through battles, helped others, helped the third team that was hit hard, and helped Kira, who was a little lacking in self-confidence, and gained everyone’s trust, but this trust was due to his revenge. The plan surfaced and faced the doom of destruction, and then, it died and was completely destroyed. Although ugly and evil, they were all exercised after being blinded by the truth. Then since I am repentant, why choose Self-destruction, this can only be an escape. Now, the laws of various countries in the world are gradually abolishing the death penalty, the purpose is to give people a chance to repent.
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