A-Channel review

Apr 04, 2021
Story-8: Like I said in the review for the anime series, the manga version of A Channel is a relatively light-hearted story, following the lives of four teenage girls going through high-school life and finding the humor in everyday life, now this kind of story can be found in other 4-koma series like Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh, so if you enjoy those series, you'll love this as well, like with some other series of this type, there is a small amount of character development but that character development seems to be more evident in the manga instead of the anime version, but the anime adds an air of drama around the series that the manga just can't convey.

Art-8: The art style is good, but I can't help but feel that something is missing...Maybe it's the fact that I saw the anime before reading the manga, but one positive note is that the manga's characters are how should I put it?...Softer then the anime versions, like they are more elegant-looking then in the anime version.

Character-9: The characters are the same in the manga version, but the manga seems to extend their backstories a little bit more then the anime does, and in the manga, those little funny moments seem to be funnier then they normally are in the anime, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying either. The characters are all fun and enjoyable in their own way, but it's strange, in the anime, my favorite character is Tooru but in the manga, my favorite character is Run, I can't explain why...^^;

Enjoyment-9: I have to say, I really enjoy 4-koma series like this, the stories are all short and easy to follow and don't drag like some other slice of life series tend to do, A Channel was a very fun series to watch and read, and the manga offers some more material that the anime doesn't have, and I would recommend the manga for those who like reading the manga more then watching the anime version of a series.

Overall-8: Overall, this series is very enjoyable! It's easy to read, fun, cute, all the elements that the anime series has as well as that slightly more graceful look to the characters that the anime seems to leave out. I would highly recommend this series to anyone who loves slice of life series, 4-koma series or Omake series, or cute seinen series, like Chi's Sweet home, or Lucky Star, or Azumanga Diaoh, if you don't like that there isn't much character development or excitement in a series then you may not enjoy this but i would definitely give this a try!
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