A-Channel review

Apr 04, 2021
A-Channel simply put is a slice of life coupled with school life manga revolving around 4 girls.

Though the synopsis is simple it does have to offer a lot and is a light and at the same time a very fun manga to read.

Story 7/10

The Story is mainly about 4 girls and also the characters revolving around them.The characters are fairly well written considering this is a 4-koma.Besides the main 4 girls there are a lot of fun characters you are gonna love in this manga as there are quite few in terms of their sensei,friends and parents.In a nutshell there are a lot of moe characters in this who you would love to read again and again.

Art 7/10

The art is kept simple and subtle and goes very well with the story.No qualms about this aspect in any manner.

Character 7/10

There are some really enjoyable characters in this who would give you that fell good effect.
From cute to sexy to downright hilarious the characters really do well in standing out with their unique traits.

Overall 8/10

Though this is more a 7 than a 8 but the 1 extra is the moe factor this manga pull's through very well.The main 4 especially are really cute and funny.

If you are in to read a light-hearted manga with funny and at time downright hilarious characters this is a manga for you.
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