Koi, Hirari review

Apr 03, 2021
I found this manga quite enjoyable. I'm quite surprised that it's not very high ranking, and has received little attention. I found this manga on mangafox, and started reading it because it was counted as one of the top 13 for quite a while. I checked it out, thinking that reading this was a total waste of time, but I soon regretted it!

Story: 9

The story's your typical, "Boy meets girl-falls in love, Girl meets boy-not sure about her own feelings" type of manga. At first, it might seem a bit weird, but keep reading on! It's just like Bleach, it seems that it's a bit boring in the beginning, but once you keep reading on it gets more interesting by each chapter. This story is short, but full of suspense. It has a LOT of ups and downs, so it gets really interesting. I truly recommend this if you want a suspenseful but short love story! :)

Art: 9

I just love the art for this manga. It's not that detailed, but I can really use the words "handsome" and "cute" and "pretty" for the art used. The scenery is also nicely done. I like the way that the artist was very skilled at drawing the kimono patterns. I also LOVE the chibis that the author drew. They're so cute!!! Overall, I think the art in this manga is splendid, but I didn't rank it as 10 because I still prefer a bit more realistic faces for the characters.

Character: 7

Okay, don't get me wrong, I really like the manga, but I just don't think that the characters are too strong. I understand that Kazuki is very protective of Sumire, I can feel that, but something about the characters is not making me very sure of their personalities. Looking at an actor's point of view, I would think that they're not sticking to their character's personality too much, but instead just following the script. I'm a bit disappointed in the character development too. But I still think that they're quite well-designed, and at least "spirited".

Enjoyment: 10

I enjoyed this manga very much! It was very suspenseful and unpredictable, unlike some other manga I've read. It's funny, it's moving, it's just wonderful. I was a bit disappointed by the fact that it was so short, but it was worth it. I guarantee that it is going to be enjoyable manga to read, even though it DOES get a bit weird sometimes.

Overall: 8

I really liked this manga, and enjoyed it a lot too. I like the fact that the manga-ka was traditional by including Japanese dance into the story. I also liked the ups and downs, and the character's personalities. I think that this is a really good manga if you like the traditional love story kind. =]

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Koi, Hirari
Koi, Hirari
Auteur Mitsuki, Miko