Mamotte! Lollipop review

Apr 04, 2021
Story: I actually found this manga while I was on a cruise with my family. Two of the books were laying around in the Teen's Club bookshelf, and I decided to have a look at them. I was so interested, and my mom got me the rest of the series as Christmas gifts. I did give them away to my high school library at the end so more people could read it. What's the story? Well, there's a girl named Nina, Japanese for two actually, who only wishes to finally have a boyfriend for once because she's one of the only girl's in her junior high school who hasn't had one. While at an ice cream shop with her friends, two wizard boys end up crashing the place because they are in search of a gem to pass their exam. Their names are Zero and Ichii, his name is Japanese for one. They happen to discover that Nina accidentally ate the gem by accident, and now they have to protect her from the other exam takers who are doing the same thing. At the same time, Nina is trying to figure out which one of them is the better boyfriend material. Now, this is cliche as hell, but for some odd reason, I thought it was funny and entertaining. As far as the love triangle goes, it's not very unique, but once you read into it, it turns out one of the boys is not even interested in Nina at all. I do admit that the middle of the whole series is boring because it turns more into a slice of life than a fantasy story, but the end is the part I've been waiting for my entire life. For that, I would rate this a 7 out of 10.

Art: First published in 2003, it looks very cute. I don't find anything distracting with it. It's clean and flows along with the dialogue. My favorite part of the art is the last volume. I won't tell you want happens though XD 10/10

Characters: Nina is more interesting than all of the other female leads I've read about in manga. Her personality isn't really much, but that's not really the focus. The focus is more about who matters more in her life, which will lead to her decision about which boy will be her boyfriend. I know that's not really interesting in real life, but something drags you into it. Ichii has a past that kind of affects his relationship with Nina, which will give you an idea that he's not the perfect choice (still not spoiling anything). Throughout the whole series, I wanted to know more about Zero. I don't think the series gave me enough to work with, but his cocky, little boy personality begins to fade away the more time he spends with Nina, which is the whole asshole turns good formula, which is cliche, but I like it just fine. The rest of the characters are...ok. They add the humor to this, but not by much. 7/10

Enjoyment: It was interesting read with a promising beginning, dull middle, and a climatic end. I hope the anime is better. The characters will probably have more personality on the TV screen than on paper. Still, I read it to the very end just fine. 8/10 is just fine to me.

Overall: Maybe the anime will give me a better view of the manga. The score is a perfect 8 out of 10.
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Mamotte! Lollipop
Mamotte! Lollipop
Auteur Kikuta, Michiyo