Creepy Cat: Neko to Watashi no Kimyou na Seikatsu review

Apr 05, 2021
I found this manga today and since it´s description is really vague I decided to write a review. So even though this manga has now 187 chapters it´s actually very quick read since one chapter equals one page.

This manga belongs to comedy, supernatural and horror genre (which is very light so even a scaredy cat like me is fine reading this). It definitely isn´t a slice of life as MAL states, since it´s about titular Creepy cat that is definitely not a cat. Or at least not a normal one. So if you are looking for sloce of life I suggest looking somewhere else.

The story is mainly episodic though it usually lasts longer than one chapter. It´s about slightly dense girl Flora that moves to an old scary looking house where the Creepy cat lives and their life together. As I mentioned before Creepy cat is definitely not your normal cat since it can for example stretch indefinitely, multiply into more cats or grow big. And when I say big I mean like an adult horse big.

When it comes to characters we have the Creepy cat that is a huge question mark (sometimes literally huge, lol), slightly dense but somehow lovable Flora, Oscar (police officer that fell in love with her a thus has to deal with antics of Creepy cat) and Hime (a kitten found by Flora that is also not a normal cat). There are also other characters like supernatural creatures investigation people, police cat Kokoro and police office staff but we still don´t know much about them.

I really like the art since it´s very different and it has slight Adams family vibes. It´s also in full color though main colors are black and red. Since i read a lot of manga, it is such a nice change of pace for me.

Overall I enjoy reading this manga, though it is not a masterpiece, it is still a very decent read. I´m eagerly awaiting new chapters so I can continue reading this manga. I would recommend it to people who like cats, supernatural, supernatural cats, supernatural creep cats and so on. Thanks for reading this rambling review of mine and I hope you will enjoy the manga.
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