Isekai Nonbiri Nouka review

Apr 07, 2021
Ookay, this is my first review for any manga, and after reading some of the reviews i feel like i should put in my thought to clear few things up about this manga and also to give some reason to why i personally enjoy reading it.

and to update to new comer to the series, all the old reviews top reading this manga around chapter 15 to 27, lemme update to you that is manga now has 110 chapters now(as of 19 of march 2020), so u guys plenty to read.

First, isekai nonbiri is a laid-back kind of manga, and is it definitely NOT for everyone, is just about a man who died, got reincarnate as one hell of a OP farmer and live a laid-back life, so do not expect anything epic and jaw-dropping to happen, he just a farmer after all. with that out of the way let move to the scoring.

Story 7: what do you expect, is it the life of a farmer living though his day, even-though is not something particular, i found myself feel relaxed when i read it, there are a few arc later on to spice things up though(for me), so i give it a solid score of 7

Art 7: while the art could have been better, i do not found to be so bad, the character looks feel unique enough, after all, how can u make a village of hundreds of people to be all unique, is just a normal isekai after all(btw zabuton look kinda cute)

character 6: sadly to say, the characters in this manga is rather meh or mundane for me, but the variety of different races keep me entertained.

However, i DO want to clear a few thing about our MC, if u pay attention to chapter one, he has a special gift that the god(one of three i think) is a good background ability, it means that WHOEVER meet him under ANY circumstances will always see him in a good sense, i see some people say that other characters just throw themselves at him (something along those line) well is because of that ability, this ability was to given to him by a freakin god, ofc its gonna be OP, like his tool and healthy body. and second to back it up is this, time move rather quickly in this manga, from one panel to the other can make many different and lets look at this world like this, this world is at war, people being enslaved, starved, killed like flies, some barely escaped with their life, then they found a place where there a food, shelter, safe, there also a guy who is good natured to keep those people all of that, peace was the greatest gift one could give you in those time, and it is a medieval fantasy we talking about, many thing to entertain or do, no tv, internet, just war, so when you were given thing like fulfilling jobs, good food, you will feel to have the debt of gratitude, they will want to repaid him with kindness, so girl wouldnt mind give themselves to him, what else could they give that is unique and more sincere (of that time and age), plus people mind are rather simple at those time, breeding is meh, is all for the survival of their races, so suck it up.

enjoyment 8: i have re read this manga about 5 time now(till round chapter 100) that should show how much i enjoyed it, but the reason why is mainly what i stated above, is it relaxing read, a kind of read after a long day of study and work, you just want to laid back reading something simple, ez to follow and calm, i like that. plus there are some moment i found funny, like how he got ganged up by the girl lol (spoiler: he does confess he enjoyed it a bit ;) )

Overall, is it a 7 from me, not a masterpiece for sure, but it is a relaxing read

well i hope you guys find this review helpful, if not, well ...., sorry i guess ?

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Isekai Nonbiri Nouka
Isekai Nonbiri Nouka
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