Aladdin to Mahou no Kyuusu review

Apr 09, 2021
Aladdin was a manga that I read only by coincidence. I mean.. I bought some old manga magazines that were on sale and Aladdin was in parts in some of them.

Story is about boy that finds magical teapot one day and we all know how it works - when you rub magical lamp then djinn pops out right? So yes, boy rubbed teapot, djinn popped out and he had 3 magical wishes.....

Story 4/10
4 because there was actually some story but it wasn't thrilling or really interesting. Djinn was strange, boy was stupid and telling dumb wishes... ending wasn't thrilling at all. Some school comedy scenes were thrown here too.

Art 5/10
Yes it's old but we can see EMPTINESS everywhere. No background? Ok let's put there some rasters. We can see half of rasterized TV or just some rasters here and there on empty space. Character designs aren't special too, only granny is really well made - she has wrinkles and warm look on her face.
On the other hand there were some nice things too like teapot and dragon.

Character 4/10
I give 4 only because of Grandma and Aladdin. Main character doesn't have character at all and his girlfriend-to-be is just mean and not nice. I really hate her.

Enjoyment 3/10
It's not something you will love or something you will remember but it's really short so you won't be exhausted.

Overall 4/10
Isn't it too high? Maybe it is but I think it REALLY isn't that bad because it's so short. It had some story, some characters, ending and nicely done teapots. You won't hate it, you won't love it.
If you like warm love stories then you can give it a go, you won't waste much time anyway.
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Aladdin to Mahou no Kyuusu
Aladdin to Mahou no Kyuusu
Auteur Sou, Michiko