Ousama Game review

Apr 09, 2021
First of all, I want to say that English is not my native language so I may have a lot of grammatical error throughout the review, please bear with me.

This book started off great, really great. The story was interesting, the characters are okay, the realism in this manga is pretty good. It depicts quite well what people do when they are in fear and how desperate they are when encounter death.

Now, the manga do give you goosebumps at many times, it really questions people whether what the characters in the manga are doing is correct or wrong, say if the order was to let register number 12 and 13 kill each other, if they do not do so they will both die in the end, would you murder the other guy? Or would you rather die like a dignified person? It is hard to say which is right and wrong, as if you let the other kill you, you save that person, but the same can be said about the other person as we know. There are many implications to a lot of the cases.

It is really is tense when the plot reached its climax where the remaining students struggle to survive, and then it just went bum.

The ending was unsatisfying, feels uncompleted to me, but perhaps this is what the author wants, overall I think the manga adaptation did a great job in portraying the emotions of people, their desperation, sadness etc, and is definitely a worthwhile read, I mean come on, it only has five volume, go read it, be reminded though, you may not like the ending.
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Ousama Game
Ousama Game
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