High School Musical review

Apr 12, 2021
I read this manga because I was like, 'it's the manga adaptation of High School Musical, cool!' And, honestly, it was probably best left as a movie.
Story (1): The story was... non-existant.
Art(5): The one okay thing was the art. The art was actually halfway decent-it wasn't the best but it wasn't too bad. Still, if we were comparing how well they resembled the actual High School Musical cast then... the art didn't really succeed. I didn't expect a total copy of the cast to a point where they all looked EXACTLY like the cast but some of the characters didn't look at all like who they were supposed to be. If it weren't for the character introduction on the first page I wouldn't have known who any of them were except for Troy(appearently Toroy in the manga) and Gabriella and only because it was dead obvious due to how they were introduced and the fact everyone was saying Troy's name throughout the short manga.
Character(1): There was NO character development, there wasn't even decent time for character development, only a measly 10 pages... Just why did they even bother have the character introduction page? The only people who were even mentioned were Troy, about two pages with Gabriella, and a brief page with Chad. No one else. No Sharpay, Taylor, or Rylan(even though they were shown in the character introduction.)
Enjoyment(1): The story was so fast paced that anyone who hadn't watched High School Musical would be left confused and wonder why they even bothered reading it. I wouldn't say it was the type of adaptation that would make anyone watch High School Musical, it might even make someone not want to watch it.
Overall: This was a huge dead storyline and the ending didn't even make any sense. Nothing happened, only a brief mention of a basketball game they won(that they didn't show). The manga had the potential(and still does) to be a good manga if it was continued but, until then, it will just be a lazily ended manga.
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High School Musical
High School Musical
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