Pupa review

Apr 13, 2021
Pupa (manga) 7/8/7/8/8

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Unique, chaotic, scarring and rather grotesque. What can I say. PuPa is rather tragic and dramatic story with rather nice flavor of mystery. It had a lot to it and even for the most part I can semi-call it an incestuous love story. But oh boy, it's a rather twisted and rather disturbing piece of work.

Here I want add an side comment. Anime suffers from short length where lot of things get left out, don't get answers, shroud in mystery and has a very confusing and disappointing ending. Whilst Manga, explains a lot more and feels a lot more "whole". There are still rather questionable story elements and unnecessarily confusing ending.

Anyhow, I enjoyed this more than Anime (which in my case, is very rare thing). But that I already predicted before even reading it. Because back when I watched the Anime I saw obvious issues with the story it had and the length of episodes. It's a rather disturbing "mystery" Manga with a lot of odd unique plot devices and presentations. Many twists, enough tragedy and depression for a while.

What can I say. It was odd, interesting and unique enough to get a praise from me. Whilst not being overly obnoxious by trying to be artistic.

I liked them for the most part. Main characters were cute, with plenty of darkness going on in their lives.

Side characters had well had lot of mystery of their role in the lives of main characters. As well their whole charade with the placement in the world itself.

Sad part is probably that some characters somewhat remained in the shroud of mystery regarding their roles. Also finale of main characters was as well something I would rather had a bit better.

✦Enjoyment & Overall✦
Tragic, depressing, disturbing, dark, dramatic, mysterious and unique. I did enjoy it a lot. Shame Anime got such limited adaption.
Faire un don


Auteur Mogi, Sayaka