One Punch-Man review

Apr 15, 2021
Its been quite a while since I read this manga, so might aswell I review it.

Onepunch-man is a superhero manga. A genre that im not really into it, but its not a regular super hero like marvel, it has some twist in it. It tells the story of Saitama, a man who trained so hard at becoming a superhero that he became really strong. So strong that he ends every single fight in a single punch.

In this world superhero is a job, needless to say you got to do some good deeds such as catches a robber or even fight the mysterious being. Oh yea I forgot to mention theres some monsters too in this world that appeard all the time.

Our main character here named saitama is a superhero for hobby, he’s a superhero himself but he forgot to apply to the super hero associations so he did not make any outcome out of it until he met a cyborg who’s strong aswell, then both of them joins the hero association together.
So from the title “One punch man” we could assume what kind of power he has, yep. He ends any fight with a single punch. That’s the central joke to onepunch man. Saitama is so powerful that he’s bored. Unlike any other franchise such as dbz or even sword art online, they got a suspense but it’s a false suspense since the maincharacter is OP asfuck. One punch man has no suspense at all because he defeats any monster with a single punch. Theres no logical explanation of why is he OP asfuck, but he once mention that he trains physically for over 3 years, but is that really the reason why he is strong as he is rightnow? That’s not really plausible.

I’m well aware that one punch-man is an action comedy genre type of thing. Its not a shows based on a logical thinking. But just having Saitama show up and punch dudes in the face would get old pretty quickly. What makes it click as a joke is how unassuming he is. He's a bit of a loser really. His superhero costume is a yellow jumpsuit and red kitchen gloves. He looks like a man play-acting superhero, which is kind of what he is doing. Plus he just looks silly, with his blank bored expression and bald head, which is why it's just inherently funny to see him surprise these superpowered hyper-evolved beings with that big dopey face of his and immense strength.

Over all Onepunch-man is a refreshing manga, I had a good laugh with it. The art is amazingly done and fits well the manga. Despite all the flaws it didn’t really hurts my enjoyment. I would rate this manga 7.6/10 with an 8.5/10 enjoyment level.
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One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man
Auteur Murata, Yusuke