One Piece review

Apr 17, 2021
Eichiro Oda is a genius.
Quick Summary; One Piece is a story about a pirate named Monkey D. Luffy who travels the world in search of the legendary treasure, One Piece. Such a simple premise, but Oda is able to keep it interesting in every chapter, every volume, and every arc.

The world building of One Piece is just peerless. There is no manga bigger than One Piece in terms of scale and lore running right now. Oda somehow made it possible for islands floating in the sky, islands made of cakes and candy, and an island on top of a gigantic elephant to coexist in the same world seamlessly without making them feel out of place. Despite the sheer size of this world, it is without any empty space; complex politics, centuries worth of history, diverse imaginative creatures, and diverse cultures are sprinkled generously all over this world.

The characters are just so full of personality and well written. They are not just fictional characters, long time readers like myself consider them like real people we share a deep connection with. This might sound cheesy but I truly feel like grew up "with" them, not just grew up reading them.

Do not overlook the art just because it looks cartoonish. The visuals storytelling and paneling are clear. The fights are truly moving and nail-biting. All of Luffy's punches, Zoro's sword swings, Sanji's kicks, and Usopp's bullet shots are drawn in the flashiest way. The comedic moments are enhanced by the expressions and visual cues. The background and geography are beautiful and comprehensive.

You most certainly can binge read the whole series, almost 900 chapters, effortlessly. My second and third times rereading this manga is better than the last. I kept finding new details that Oda prepared beforehand and seeing the iconic memorable moments in a new light. When seeing Coby from chapter 2, I feel so much anticipation and hype for his upcoming growth- His reunion with Luffy after Water7 Arc and his speech from Marineford war are just too good - and this is only a side character from chapter 2. My feelings when seeing Ace, Mihawk, and Robin in their first appearance are all the more overwhelming.

10/10, wish I can give it a higher score.
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One Piece
One Piece
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