Berserk review

Mar 26, 2021
When the REAL "Black Swordsman" comes to play, ya know it's serious play, and when I say "serious" I mean ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY MASTERPIECE and when i say "play" I mean "a story".

Well, I don't think that I need to explain about how good Berserk is, and, honestly, my useless opinion wont change anyone mind, but this is my review and I'll say it two times BERSERK IS THE GOAT... (x2).

Want to know if the Story is good? well, it's like that time Mario Puzo wanted to learn how to write screenplays, so he bought a book about screenwriting and in the first page it said "study the Godfather movies script"... Want to know if a story is well written? read Berserk and see a perfect plot.

Everyone knows, and I mean EVERYONE KNOWS that Miura is just a god of drawings, so nothing to add about Berserk Art here.

And now the core of the story, that one thing that, when done well, makes any story feel real and deep: TITT- Ops, I mean... Character! hah.. that was it. It's public knowledge the astonishing development and construction of Berserk characters, mainly of course Guts, Caska and Griffith. They are not your average stereotypical and exaggerated (swagger) characters, they have their own reasons and ideals, they laugh and cry and make hard choices like real humans do, sure, Guts can swing a sword bigger than Yo mama, but his thoughts are those of a person, not of a superhuman-destroying-machine that just serves the plot or try to look badass (he's very badass tho). And I didn't even talked about how traumas can affect the characters just like in real life. AND OF COURSE, I DID NOT TALK ABOUT GRIFFITH.

Even looking like a psychological manga, Berserk is still a dark fantasy story, and boy oh boy, put dark in it! it's brutal, gory and merciless like real life would be if trolls and fucking killer elfs roamed around. And even so, it's enjoyable as fuck, the paneling with Miura's art make you feel the weight in every hit of Dragonslayer sword. it's like watching a motherfucking train out of the rails just passing throug everything. Berserk has some of the best fights and a absolutely perfect pacing.

Well the review got bigger than a I thought it would be, so I'll just end it before I make an entire essay. Berserk is a unique and masterfully made journey, if you never read it, then what are you waiting for? It is not everyday that you can see a (spoiler) superhuman utilizing a destructive demon-inducted possessive armor and holding a 99Kg (220 pounds) spirit-killer sword, while riding a one-horned winged minotaur-lion humanoid-demon apostle, while they pass through a electric giant god in the middle of the ocean. I thing that pretty much sums it up.

(don't watch the 2016 anime... please.)
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Auteur Miura, Kentarou