Berserk review

Mar 26, 2021
Why I consider this manga a masterpiece?

Story: 10
The ideology, philosophy and conflict in the story are identical to our history. But the story itself is really unpredictable. Guts is only human and yet he achieve a monster like strength through believable progress.

Art: 10
The art is really artistic. There is always astonishing background that is drawn with such incredible details. Unlike other manga who don't give an effort to do so.

Character: 10
It is realistic when it comes to human experience and vulnerabilities.
Yes it is fantasy. But you will feel how hard it is to live in that world. And to live the life where Guts is.

Enjoyment: 10
It is a masterpiece. It has everything. It is not a mediocre type of manga.

Overall: 10
Just read it. And I am pretty sure you will love it. Don't believe those review who gave such analysis as if they know everything. But the truth is they know nothing. Living a life without knowing this kind of manga is somewhat regretful.
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Auteur Miura, Kentarou