Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou review

Apr 15, 2021
"Today will be tomorrow's yesterday"

The time is set in future where rising sea level has flooded most of the costal areas. The story
of Alpha Hatseno, an Alpha 7 M2 series robot left by her owner at a countryside coffee shop,
she acts fully like a human being running the coffee shop named 'Cafe Alpha'. The story
surrounds Alpha as she is synchronizing with commoners in behind the backdrop of a
futuristic country-side Japan. The story begins with Alpha making a shopping trip to
Yokohama. Marionette and yet like an elegant woman Alpha's character is able to captivate the heart of most of the male readers.
About the manga in General, YKK is a 'mono no aware', a Japanese concept that awares us of
the transience of things and describes beauty. The fragrance of the country side and it's
transcending charm, sober warmth of long scooter ride through desolate streets, a coffee
shop in the country side with entertaining customers, the sober country people, scenes like
the setting sun and mysterious essence of the ocean gives it a color blooming atmosphere evoking overwhelming feelings of nostalgia, reminding us how time is fleeting.
Ashinano is one of those few mangaka who can make you feel the warmth through his
pages, the warmth as if a blurry reminiscence to those days when you were light headed and
comfortably numb, those days you still long for, a nostalgia drive. Very much unlike the
usual manga where you find string of events with cliches and other elements to stew it up.
This infact exhibits the traits of a country novel and short stories, with simple events and colloquial monologues. It is a piece that syncs with readers of all ages though only for
people with a certain desire for this warmth. Most amusing part is the characters, how
natural they are and able to blend through progressing events with just simple acts and that
again captivates the readers, it's as if the readers can relate them to their daily lives. To sum
it up YKK is as simple as amazing it is.
Faire un don


Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Auteur Ashinano, Hitoshi