Watashi no... Megane-kun review

Apr 13, 2021
Mega Anti-Recommendation: |Watashi no Megane-kun|
Synopsis: Chouko has been in love with Taichiro for a long time. Taichiro and Chouko have known each other since childhood. At one point, Taichiro became very candid and told Chouko that he hated her so much that he wanted to kill her. Even so, Chouko's desire toward him never really changed. One day, a senior in her athletics club confessed to her. Filled with burning jealousy, Taichiro also confessed to Chouko. Their insecure, but very obsessive love begins.


-Phack that Synopsis, it doesn't matter how messed up it sounds. It is actually quite good, I was searching for some Possessive/jealous type romance story and I found the perfect gem, but didn't see the shit covering all over it. Although, I had a feeling from last 10 chapters that it is heading towards the wrong path, but I had no freaking idea that even the author is fucked up, I said to myself, I will just prepare for the worst possibility because the story is actually good, seeing the main couple carving for each other. After quite later into the story, another guy takes a love interest in Chouko. After that, I will just skip the details, but at the second last chapter. That MOFO, cunt little bitch rapes Chouko. Yea, you f'ng heard me right. He literally rapes her and escapes from the country for good and he said to himself "he didn't realize that she would be virgin even though she is in relationship". It actually shows blood coming out of her legs and clothes teared apart. This is just depressing beyond belief, I couldn't sleep whole last night. Author was like "Oh, yea. You are liking my story? Well, let me kick you in the fucking balls". Forget, "My wife is a highschool girl". This is the most fucked up and brutal ending I have ever seen in my whole anime/manga experience. I am taking an Oath, no more shoujo. I feel like, I have been left with huge trauma. I am just tired of these unrealistic love triangle BS that are ruining my taste for romance. I am gonna take a break for few days, until I recover from this nightmare.

Genres: Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Psychological
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Watashi no... Megane-kun
Watashi no... Megane-kun
Auteur Sumoto, Amu