Watashi no... Megane-kun review

Apr 13, 2021
*This review may have some spoilers.

I read this manga about half a year ago.

Story: 5
Art: 8
Character: 6
Enjoyment: 2
Overall: 1

Straight to the point, this book was a disappointment.


1. Good art
- The male characters were especially well drawn.
- Unique art style.

2. Somewhat consistent
- The character’s personality does not change(without reasons).
- Was about one topic the whole time(love and the conflicts that occur while being in a romantic relationship).


1. Rape scene
- Not only does it have a rape scene, but it claims the “criminal” as being “innocent” somewhat.
- The boy who raped the protagonist girl justifies himself that he didn’t know she would be inexperienced. Even if she was experienced, does that grant him an authority to rape her anyway?

2. Weak plot line
- Consistency is good, but a repetitive plot isn’t a good thing.
- The couple(Megane-kun and Chouko) fights the whole time throughout the book.

3. Weird ass story
- The couple “loves” each other, but all they do is argue.
- Random appearance of another character who likes Chouko.
- As said before, had a tendency to justify criminals.
- In the beginning, Megane-Kun tells Chouko that he hates her when he ends up loving her. Tf

I was utterly disappointed when I finished this book because it was recommended as being a yandere-related book. To be honest, I could see why it’s yandere material, but this ain’t it sis. I mean c’mon, the character development isn’t very well written, the whole book is annoying. I wasn't expecting any rape to happen in this manga, as well as it being justified.

Don’t read it if you are expecting a yandere x yandere.
Megane-Kun was beautiful though. Lol

Giving it a 1 overall because of the crime justification.
Red flag
Faire un don


Watashi no... Megane-kun
Watashi no... Megane-kun
Auteur Sumoto, Amu