Vagabond review

Apr 16, 2021
The history in general, nothing to object, the drawing of Inoue, perfect, I have always liked. However, it made the end of the series, becomes heavy, is like the repetition of the same, and skip the most important part historically speaking, there is no fight between Musashi and Kojiro.
The series starts well, but they do not just give it a good ending.

The characters I think have hit them, especially Musashi.
Maybe a little Kojiro fails, I just do not like it as described.
Otsuu is a smooth character, does not end up doing too much, it's like the part that every protagonist has to have, but in the end, in this case, the protagonist seems to be able to live without it.
Jotaro, same, at first seems to be a part of the protagonist, and passes without penalty or glory
And so with all the characters.
At first everyone seems to have relevance to the story and to the protagonist, but in the end, they stay in the past without giving more turns to the life of Musashi.
Faire un don


Auteur Inoue, Takehiko