Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria review

Apr 15, 2021
First I will let the writing speak for itself, in this spoiler-free passage below:

"“I was convinced that I had grasped your behavioral patterns completely by now. But I couldn’t predict your statement just now at all. Can you imagine how amusing this is for someone accustomed to eternal boredom?” she says, looking delighted."

There's more. For instance, in the opening scenes of this supposedly dark and gritty series, the main heroine reveals her reality-defying power by telling the main character about the color of a girl's panties. It's a cold open, a rolling intro, and a crash into a panty flash.

God and Buddha help me, I read every volume to witness and report on the hundreds of examples of awful dialogue and Light Novel cliches, If your mind can interpret this trainwreck as salvageable, you have an inhumanly forgiving mind that I am unable to comprehend.

I've helped edit literary abortions-in-progress, and have produced terrible work myself. I understand that madness that results in teenage characters using fifty words instead of eight. I sympathize with the stupidity of tacking backstories of abuse onto small children and having one mutter, literally, "murdermurdermurder" in the least subtle possible way of setting up the twist villain of a book. But the humane way to handle those manuscripts is to label them as inherently irrecoverable, and then to euthanize them.

You might think this will be funny, or at the least, a campy and edgy read. This is true for many light novels and web novels. By any faith or philosophy you might hold, trust me, this is not true here. Worse than just bad, the writing is boring. If you are into bad video game mechanics being described in pointless and excruciating detail, you know who you are, and no force in imagination will restrain you from reading this.

If you do not give this writer a single yen, and avoid supporting the paid publication of further work, my work will be done. I've read good postmodern books. I love the genre. You can fly through songs, bodies, and minds. For your own benefit and pleasure, I urge you to choose something better than this. You deserve it.

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Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
Auteur Mikage, Eiji