Usotsuki Paradox review

Apr 10, 2021
I'm gonna be honest here. If you're fine with these type of stories where the girl is completely screwing the guys she likes because she can't make up her god damn mind, then this is the story for you.
In the beginning it was okay had some actual plot going on but after awhile it just got really annoying because this can all be solved by just making the girl choose which dude she wants to be with. And of course the dudes are too stupid to understand this as well even tho there are definitely better women for them in the manga. But like i said if you like this shit then go ahead.
Great, plenty of boobs.
All the characters are either too nice or just plain out jerks. Well what I'm saying everyone but the MCs are good because they just get really annoying after awhile because like i said before the girl can't choose between them because she's horrible!
Good enough for me to keep reading just to see if they ever learn that she's literally garbage and leave or she finally chooses one.
It's a definite miss for me. Only reason i read it is to see who she picks or if the dudes man up and leave this girl for some actual decent ones. But eh if you want to read it don't let me stop you.
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Usotsuki Paradox
Usotsuki Paradox
Auteur Kizuki, Akira