Shingeki no Kyojin review

Apr 16, 2021
after chapter 138, we are now finally surethat history is being made right in front of our eyes. though the ending will be very critical, i have no doubts that it will be dissappointing.

everything we have seen from the first chapter had lead to this point. everything is getting to a satisfyingly unsatisfying conclusion. i feel terribly sorry for the gatekeepers that wont even give snk a chance because it is very popular. this was a wild experience, one that im not ready for it to end. as a newbie in both the anime and manga community, its not hard to tell that snk stands out the most with, well, everything. how can you not like it?

Story: 10

at first, attack on titan is a stereotypical shounen. young kid saves the world, young kid prodigy or something. except its not. it doesnt take too long for the story to revert from a classic shounen to an exceptional shounen to an incredible mind game. its twists take you unguarded, fills you with all sorts of emotions. you get to see everyone grow into the story, adapt themselves to the world they are in. you see progress, evolution. everything you see from the first chapter, every little detail that didnt make sense comes back when youre most not ready. the story was crafted so carefully and neatly. now looking back, the story feels like a lifetime journey. one that im sure that will be stuck with me for so long.

Art: 9

i like the style and im tired of pretending like i dont. though people find isayama's style offputting or wonky (and i can see it within the first chapters), the action scenes are so well drawn. the style in the first chapters was definitely weird in its almost unique way, but i can not dismiss the progress we have witnessed. if it werent for its sometimes confusing, sketch style panels that make you feel like you're missing something all the time, i would even give it a solid 10 not gonna lie but i couldnt get out of the panels and had to slow down at times.

Character: 10

of course it is. when i think about snk now, i can only remember how perfectly written the characters are. not the action scenes, not the plot, the characters. we are welcomed with such real characters. despite the first parts being disguised as a classic shounen, every "good" character has weaknesses, their breaking points, their small characteristic details. every character you meet (and well, survive through the first arc) comes back with a full story and development. every side character comes to spotlight as some of the most crucial points in the story. everyone feels so... real. even the comedic relief characters have their own unique story. i feel like a big part of snk relies on this exact thing. you see these characters that feel so real and almost relatable put in such teribble places and being forced to make such agonising choices that you feel the same pain, confusion, anger with them. so much that you cant help but love everyone you should hate.

Enjoyement: 10

the story flows so well, i dont think there is much to say after kissing its ass so much honestly lol. being an anime only first and then a manga reader, i was scared that the action scenes or explanations would be hard to keep up with or that it just wouldnt give me just as much joy and excitement but to my disappointment, everything worked out perfectly.

Overall: 10

not just as an anime, not just as a manga, attack on titan will make history as one of the greatest stories told, and im so happy that im going to see it happen. read it, make others read it.
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Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
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