Apr 10, 2021
I'm very surprised no one has reviewed this yet. This is a short, 1 volume work by Kagesaki, Yuna. I read her oniichan control till chapter 4 b4 reading this.

[Specialty: Deviant, comedy]

One that differs from a norm, especially a person whose behavior and attitudes differ from accepted social standards.

It's excellent given that most of its chapters are abt 13 pages long. The story is clear: A girl who likes her sempai to the extent that she followed her sempai to the same apartment block (mansion) finds herself in a strange mansion.

And indeed, it's full of strange people, including her. There isn't much slice-of-life, nor detailed complications about life being a deviant, but more of the harmonious relationship between the strange residents of the mansion.

First few chapters: comedy and intro
After first few chapters: slightly heavy and in-depth focus on one of the main characters. More stable storyline, and less gags.

To say the least, it is unique, and bears some resemblance to Domina no Do's theme, deviants. Strange Mansion bears some resemblance to Oniichan Control too, its humour and mansion-centric story.

Not that much detail. It's ok, not great, but manages to bring out the rough feeling of emotions and so on. But in some panels the emotions were drawn out pretty well. One or a few coloured pages.

This is a classic. Unique characters, unique personalities and overall likeable feeling for all the characters. This manga is good in that although most of the characters in this series are deviants they are shown to be human too, and that they experience discrimination, bias and sometimes things don't end up happily as well (Tis' the case for a few main characters)

I won't give spoilers as to what the devaints are dun worry :p.

The ending was a bit sudden. And this series could have gone longer, it seems a bit too rushed. But hey, it's 1 volume only right? So it can't really be helped D: .

I really enjoyed this series as the start was very good. The mangaka lightened the mood with lots of humour in the first few chapters before giving the series a deeper storyline, which is great. I mean, I wouldn't want to read a manga about deviants with a storytelling-style like Ai Kora or Domina no Do, cause after a while the gags will become cliche and story becomes a bit dull.

Read this, if you like comedy. Warning: Dun read this if you can't take deviant behaviour, you might find this absurd if you do or may not be able to accept it.

[One of the most stable funniest mangas i've seen :)]
Faire un don


Auteur Kagesaki Yuna
Artiste Kagesaki Yuna