Himegoto review

Apr 05, 2021
This manga, I love it! I really do love traps, traps is justice uwu

Story Rating: 10/10

I love how everything goes better from the start. The story is unique and I've never read a manga with a story like this before, and the story was unpredictable so it was enjoying how I was wrong sometimes. There were some funny parts and I have enjoyed it! And the fanservice were nice :> I love fanservices. The ending was sad, I need more of this manga please.

Art Rating: 10/10

The art was super artistic! I can understand the situation they're in and I like how Hime's body is drawn :>

Character Rating: 10/10

The characters were hilarious and cute! The characters are perfect the way they are and I love them!

Enjoyment: 10/10

While reading this at school, I had so much fun, because whenever I have free time I get my manga and read it, I love the story so much and I have enjoyed it. My classmates are looking at me, staring, this happens whenever I read manga at school, I laughed, cried, and was hyped! I really enjoyed this manga!

Overall: 10/10

Hoping to get a new series! Love ya!
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Auteur Tsukudani Norio
Artiste Tsukudani Norio