Rettoujin no Makentsukai: Skill Board wo Kushi shite Saikyou ni Itaru review

Apr 11, 2021
Protagonist abilities are Mediocre average protagonist ability with an antagonist that is the most bastard ever. Even though it is a manga, it does not explain the Protagonist ability clearly and lacking in pages for each chapter. Moreover, the Protagonist is too oblivious and only face the hardship of suffering from success. I would wish if the protagonist is given an actual struggle that is unexpected, as this one is expected to always beat the humongous monster. Would be better if he fought a cunning antagonist and match his power.

I was thinking there would be a good interaction or at least a way of decision making from the character instead of just following his instincts, The Manga really lack in many aspects even the art lack some key feature that bothered me, maybe because of the small nose.

But just the characters relationship and key goal for the protagonist is a letdown. I might have too many expectations because of the 30 chapters it has, but it's so short that the story cannot be rated high. I really dislike this manga, but I just hope there will be a better improvement to this series as I like the cast just not the antagonist and the environment of the world being simple monsters and the power balance.
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