One Punch-Man review

Apr 15, 2021
Saitama is a man-turned-hero who underwent three years of extreme training. As a result, Saitama has becoming incredibly strong (and bald) and is able to end every fight with just a single punch. He thirsts for the exciting rush of combat. The problem is...he's too strong?

One Punch-Man takes a comical yet thought provoking look at strength, justice, and ambition. It's thoroughly enjoyable to watch the heroes struggle to defeat a villain just to have Saitama walk in and finish it off in one, effortless punch. His strength and his never-ending struggle to find an opponent who can survive a single punch leads him to great frustration, despite seeming to be an average guy at first.

One Punch-Man also takes on the typical good-and-evil struggle as well as the theme of ambition. Watching Saitama take Genos under his wing (although it wasn't really a choice) is interesting. The different ambitions and ideals of the heroes can lead to hilarious and thought provoking moments, be it running in fear at pathetic looking fish creatures, or refusing to help out a civilian in need, almost every little hero you see has a personality that'll make you laugh or turn your nose in disgust.

The art in One Punch-Man would probably be one of it's weaker points out of all it's strengths. It's not bad, but it's nothing to be really proud of. It's just...normal. Nothing wrong with that. What I do like about the art is that certain characters are drawn to fit their personalities. Genos is over-detailed in order to fit his dutiful and perfectionist nature. Saitama looks like he was ripped out of some poorly-drawn sketchbook in order to align with his "average" facade and for quite a bit of comical effect. Heroes and villains are drawn appropriately whether they think they're god or they're afraid of the smallest thing.

As of right now, there hasn't been a great deal of character development, but you can really see it forming at the edges. Saitama, for the most part, seems to be a static character that the story revolves around (maybe he'll find a worth opponent). Speed of Sound Sonic (mind the long name) may one day lose a bit of his ego, and Genos might realize the cowardice and pride of his peers. What do I want to see the most? Personally, I find the Saitama's struggle with his own strength to be one of the most interesting and enjoyable aspects of this manga.

I have to say that this manga is a real surprise to me. Out of the many superhero based mangas that try to beat each other, One Punch-Man effortlessly rises above the competition in a single punch. Out of the many mangas that I am following, One Punch-Man is the most entertaining and enjoyable. Anyone who is looking for a refreshing and funny manga should not hesitate to pick this up.
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One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man
Auteur Murata, Yusuke