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Mar 26, 2021
Berserk review
The following review is based on my separate opinion will be in two languages: Spanish and English.

My English is really bad by the way, it is also my first review.

Story: 10/10.

 There is no better story than Berserk, it has each and every one of the amazing things I've seen in the adventure genres, all the interesting things about the middle ages, about the horror genres, about the existential philosophy itself ... Mix a perfect and detailed art, an exquisite drama brought by surprisingly charismatic and well-written characters, a story as crude as imaginative, really shocking action and gore scenes and a rich mythology, theology and philosophy in constant development amidst a gigantic universe and complex, and you will get Berserk.

The Golden Age arc is undoubtedly the best of Berserk, really epic scenes, bloody battles, scenes of really strong rapes, and a really complex story dedicated to an adult audience or with an incredible maturity to read Berserk and that really will like it

Characters: 10/10.

For me, the characters in this manga are spectacular in every way, the protagonist is undoubtedly one of the best there is, both in attitude, personality, appearance, the characters later in the manga too, characters that help the protagonist not losing the little humanity he has, in addition to the funny situations that occasionally do not fall ill.

The development of the protagonist Guts is sensational, from the beginning to the present you can really see changes, the main characters that accompany Guts are also well elaborated everything has a reason, it is certainly very well done.

The antagonist, despite falling badly, is one of Berserk's best characters, being a really evil villain who would not hesitate to do even the most cruel and evil thing to fulfill his dream.

Art: 10/10.

Berserk's art is simply spectacular, at first I liked it a lot but as time went by the art of Kentarou Miura began to look much better, the detail improves, the shading and the backgrounds look pretty good.

The art is quite essential in really epic scenes such as battles, dramatic moments, the way he draws the expressions and the characters' clothes is very good, personally I am quite fascinated by the detail of Griffith and Berserk's armor.

Enjoy: 10/10.

The most epic story I've read in my life, sensational art, well-crafted characters, story with really fascinating plot twists, rather strong violence make Berserk my favorite manga.

Historia: 10/10.

Mejor historia que Berserk no hay, tiene todas y cada una de las cosas alucinantes que he visto en los géneros de aventuras, todas las cosas interesantes sobre la edad media, sobre los géneros de terror, sobre la propia filosofía existencial... Mezcla un arte perfecto y detallado, un exquisito drama traído por unos personajes sorprendentemente carismáticos y bien escritos, una historia tan cruda como imaginativa, unas escenas de acción y gore realmente impactantes y una mitología, teología y filosofía riquísimas en constante desarrollo en medio de un universo gigantesco y complejo, y obtendrás Berserk.

El arco de la Edad de Oro es sin duda lo mejor de Berserk, escenas realmente epicas, batallas sangrientas, escenas de violaciones realmente fuertes, y una historia realmente compleja dedicada a un publico adulto o con una madurez increible para leer Berserk y que realmente le guste.

Personajes: 10/10.

Para mi, los personajes de este manga son espectaculares en todo sentido, el protagonista sin duda es de los mejores que hay, tanto en actitud, personalidad, aspecto, los personajes de más adelante en el manga también, personajes que ayudan al protagonista a no perder la poca humanidad que tiene, además las situaciones comicas que dan de vez en cuando no cae mal.

El desarrollo del protagonista Guts es sensacional, desde el principio hasta el presente se puede ver realmente cambios, los personajes principales que acompañan a Guts tambien estan bien elaborados todo tiene un porque, sin duda esta muy bien hecho.

El antagonista a pesar de caerme mal, es uno de los mejores personajes de Berserk, siendo un villano realmente maligno que no dudaria en hacer hasta la cosa mas cruel y mas malvada para cumplir su sueño.

Arte: 10/10.

El arte de Berserk es simplemente espectacular, al principio me gusto bastante pero al pasar el tiempo el arte de Kentarou Miura comenzo a verse mucho mejor, el detalle mejora , el sombreado y los fondos se ven bastante buenos.

El arte es bastante escencial en escenas realmente epicas como batallas, momentos dramaticos, la manera de como dibuja las expreciones y la vestimenta de los personajes es buenisima, personalmente me fascina bastante el detalle de las armaduras de Griffith y Berserk.

Disfrute: 10/10.

La historia mas epica que he leido en mi vida, el arte sensacional, personajes bien elaborados, historia con giros de trama realmente fascinantes, violencia bastante fuerte hacen que Berserk sea mi manga favorito.
Mar 26, 2021
Berserk review
Wow hey look it's another perfect 10 for one of the most beloved manga series of all time, what are the chances? Shouldn't I be rating this low so I can be a cool delinquent contrarian?

Whatever, I still want to get my thoughts down, because not only is Berserk the best manga I've ever read, it's one of the best pieces of media I've ever consumed. I've read this damn thing 4 or 5 times all the way through (it's not even finished), and I'm always reminded as to why it's my favorite. Let's go down the list.

Story - 9.5 to 10

What a fucking ride. Most authors could look at the Golden Age arc alone and call that their magnum opus, but with Berserk it's simply an (albeit large) drop in the proverbial bucket.

Arc after arc I find myself truly impressed at the way Kentaro Miura is able to keep the plot feeling fresh and active despite the story continuing for ~350 chapters. The twists and turns the plot speeds through are breakneck and oftentimes devastating. If you like your fiction light and happy this is not the manga you'll want to be reading.

At its core I think Berserk is a character study on how constant and unrelenting torture and suffering can shape a character. Berserk is ugly, it's exhausting, it paints a picture of a cruel and uncaring universe where the very laws of causality fight against you, driving you to the edge of madness. Without that suffering, though, the beauty of this work would never be able to shine as brightly as it does. Those moments of reprise, where the characters can look around among themselves and breathe that well earned sigh of relief, even if it only lasts one night? That's what real beauty is in the world of Berserk. There's a scene a bit farther into the series where the characters are plodding along the shore of the ocean with a sunset painting the background. In fiction that's a rather common scene, it's beautiful, sure, and the picture it paints in your mind is relaxing. But in Berserk? In Berserk that scene might as well be the gates of heaven. The fact that fans reading this can point out this exact page and nod knowingly is the very reason Berserk is so special.

As you might have noticed, I'm taking a tentative 0.5 points off in this section, and the reason for that is the PAINSTAKINGLY slow rate at which Miura works. This manga has been going on for 27 years and 4 months, and is currently still in hiatus until "early 2017(tm)".

Art - 11? 12? More?

For this section I could rant and rave about what a fucking incredible artist Miura is, or, I could save you a paragraph of writing and have you google "Berserk full page art". Scroll through Google Images until I've made my point.

Characters - 10

Honestly, the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that Guts is my favorite protagonist ever written. The characters here in Berserk are fully realized people with their own dreams, quirks, aspirations, regrets, and motivations. They're so much more than your average shonen protagonist who just wants to be "the best".

Without its characters a story is nothing. That goes without saying, but Berserk delivers in spades. This manga had to have been written by an incredibly empathetic man who understood the essence of what makes a person a person.

One of my favorite subtle examples of this is, is that sometimes, when Guts talks about Casca he starts to look more youthful, like you can see the shadow of how he once looked and carried himself. Like the past peeks out through his expressions. Words just can't describe how heartbreaking and beautiful it is to watch.

Enjoyment - 10

I love it, I will probably always love it. I may die before it's ever completed, or maybe Miura will kick the bucket first, I don't know.

The point is: Berserk is a man's life work. It's something Kentaro Miura will and should always be remembered for. I really don't even know what else to say.

Read it, even if you end up hating it. At least, if you enjoy manga as a medium, do yourself the service of reading up through The Golden Age arcs. Just do it, man. What else do you want me to say?

Mar 26, 2021
Berserk review
Now that I’ve fully caught up to the latest chapter, I can confidently say this is the best manga I’ve ever read.

What can I say that hasn’t been said already?

The story is amazing, dark, unpredictable and shocking, but it’s also very easy to follow and enjoy. There’s a lot of foreshadowing, backstories and plot twists that will make your jaw drop and you’ll just be unable to stop turning the pages. Really well made and thought out story and amazing world building.

The art is just mind-blowingly good, by far the best I’ve seen in any kind of book. It’s a bit rough during the first arc (Black Swordsman) but it really picks up in the next arc (Golden Age), and just keeps getting better and better with every new arc.

The characters are extremely well made and believable. They all have motives, objectives and very interesing personalities that makes them all stand out. In my opinion, the best character is by far the protagonist, Guts. It’s a joy to have such a likeable, cool, relatable and complex character as the main character of this story.

To conclude this review, I’d like to comment about the very popular opinion that the manga peaks in the second arc (GA) and then keeps declining. I couldn’t disagree more with this statement, the next 2 arcs after GA are just as good or even better for me, and the current 5th arc keeps getting better every chapter, please don’t stop at GA or you’ll miss out on the best of Berserk.

This is how I would rate the arcs:
1. Black Swordsman: 7/10
2. Golden Age: 9.5/10
3. Conviction: 9/10
4. Millenium Falcon: 10/10
5. Fantasia: 8.5/10 (so far)
Mar 26, 2021
Berserk review
When the REAL "Black Swordsman" comes to play, ya know it's serious play, and when I say "serious" I mean ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY MASTERPIECE and when i say "play" I mean "a story".

Well, I don't think that I need to explain about how good Berserk is, and, honestly, my useless opinion wont change anyone mind, but this is my review and I'll say it two times BERSERK IS THE GOAT... (x2).

Want to know if the Story is good? well, it's like that time Mario Puzo wanted to learn how to write screenplays, so he bought a book about screenwriting and in the first page it said "study the Godfather movies script"... Want to know if a story is well written? read Berserk and see a perfect plot.

Everyone knows, and I mean EVERYONE KNOWS that Miura is just a god of drawings, so nothing to add about Berserk Art here.

And now the core of the story, that one thing that, when done well, makes any story feel real and deep: TITT- Ops, I mean... Character! hah.. that was it. It's public knowledge the astonishing development and construction of Berserk characters, mainly of course Guts, Caska and Griffith. They are not your average stereotypical and exaggerated (swagger) characters, they have their own reasons and ideals, they laugh and cry and make hard choices like real humans do, sure, Guts can swing a sword bigger than Yo mama, but his thoughts are those of a person, not of a superhuman-destroying-machine that just serves the plot or try to look badass (he's very badass tho). And I didn't even talked about how traumas can affect the characters just like in real life. AND OF COURSE, I DID NOT TALK ABOUT GRIFFITH.

Even looking like a psychological manga, Berserk is still a dark fantasy story, and boy oh boy, put dark in it! it's brutal, gory and merciless like real life would be if trolls and fucking killer elfs roamed around. And even so, it's enjoyable as fuck, the paneling with Miura's art make you feel the weight in every hit of Dragonslayer sword. it's like watching a motherfucking train out of the rails just passing throug everything. Berserk has some of the best fights and a absolutely perfect pacing.

Well the review got bigger than a I thought it would be, so I'll just end it before I make an entire essay. Berserk is a unique and masterfully made journey, if you never read it, then what are you waiting for? It is not everyday that you can see a (spoiler) superhuman utilizing a destructive demon-inducted possessive armor and holding a 99Kg (220 pounds) spirit-killer sword, while riding a one-horned winged minotaur-lion humanoid-demon apostle, while they pass through a electric giant god in the middle of the ocean. I thing that pretty much sums it up.

(don't watch the 2016 anime... please.)
Mar 26, 2021
Berserk review
I think this might be the best manga ever.

The story is awesome and very enjoyable, maybe is a bit too much for young people, but to me is really good. The fights are really good and the plot that the story follows is great too. The story change and advance, in the beginning it is very realistic, it follows a medieval plot which is very realistic and in some point it started to get more and more fantastic, but without losing their way.
The manga has a clearly action and adventure genre, but you can see gore and adult things around all the plot (sex, torture, rape, massacre, etc. ), in addition the further the plot goes the more fantastic it get, but this isn't a bad idea.

In the art I don't have much to say, because I haven't seen a better one right now, I don't know if it is because this one is the best one or because I haven't seen enough, but right now to me this one is the best.

In the characters there is a bit of everything, I really look up to Guts and the old Griffith, Casca and most of the members in the hack band are pretty good too, then there are some of then who for me are only to complete the story, like the boy who follows Farnese and some soldiers and people who Guts meets in his trip
There are also some character that are trash for me, like the elf who follows Guts and the others who appear later, Isidro is pretty annoying too and then some villains who are so stupid for me (I don't remember most of the names and some of them are people with a small role)

The enjoyment is complete for me and I thing that it is the same for people who like the gore, the good plots and the good quality in the manga. I really get hooked on it for a while, then I realized that the chapters took so long to be made and I decided to stop before starting other arc, my heart wouldn't stand the waiting between the chapters making.

Overall the manga has a bit of every thing that I look up in a manga, the plot and characters are awesome, the art is fantastic too, because of it you really enjoy the manga, but this is also a bad thing, because after seeing this one you wouldn't probably find another one as good as this and because you won't be able to resist the temptation of reading and when you reach the unfinished arc you will get mad waiting for the next chapter to complete the arc.
Mar 26, 2021
Berserk review
As of now, I have caught up to the bleeding edge of Berserk.

Review summary
I would say that it is a top 10 manga with some of the most detailed art, compelling and tragic characters, and an almost biblical story that blurs the lines of morality. At least most of the time. If you're 18+ , I would highly recommend it; it's an experience unlike any other in manga history.

It is often deeply flawed in how it portrays character development and story progression, but I believe that it can still be a masterpiece. I'm not sure if this will ever end, but we'll see how true this holds after the fact.


I'm not going to spend too much time writing about how good it is since countless others gave their 10s and praise, but it truly is great.

While I did love the Golden Age arc, I especially liked Guts' story of revenge and Griffith's desires. This duality is what makes the story so compelling. When I think about how this manga goes deeper than the surface, I think of the take on morality and how demons can be angels. Guts going berserk feels real, and the grittiness often makes me wonder what emotions I might feel in his position. Griffith's conquest could be perceived as true salvation. While he sacrificed his friends, he is uniting a nation and ending the endless wars.

It is, however, not without its flaws.

One such flaw is the ludicrous amount of gratuitous rape scenes. Echoing what others have said before me, gore and sex don't make a manga more mature, and this manga has plenty of mature topics that are far deeper and make me feel a lot more than a casual rape scene thrown in for shock value. Once you've seen one or two of these, you've really seen them all. Women are often written poorly in manga, and while some women in this are strong and multi-faceted, it seems like this one is heading down towards the harem genre.

Additionally, characters seem to have a "development switch" that changes them into entirely different people. The Holy See chick was weird and twisted and while I wanted to see her change and learn from Guts, she did a complete 180 and became a sister figure to Casca. Casca is likely the biggest example of this since her entire character doesn't really exist except in Guts' mind for huge swaths of the story. She's a shell of the character to the point that when we finally see her come back, I don't really care enough for her to celebrate it. I only wanted Casca around because Guts did.

Lastly for the major flaws and likely to be the series' whimper of an ending is the pointless traveling that the group does. I understand that Guts has a new crew as a sort of callback to when he used to have friends. It shows who he has become and how he's changed since the eclipse and GA arc. But many of these characters have very loose goals and one-dimensional characters, and when they do travel, they end up going nowhere in particular.

I can't really forsee this manga ending anytime soon, and I think that at this point, it could end honorably. They really have two choices here. If they focused for a bit and nailed the ending, it would cement its position as one of the greatest manga of all time. Or alternatively, it could go on and on and on, releasing a chapter every few months until there's nothing left to beat out of this horse.
Mar 26, 2021
Berserk review
I recently caught up with Berserk in about 2 months in total, but I really had to restrain myself from just reading it 24/7, I didn't want to be caught up too fast because I didn't want to be done reading it, but with a new chapter in sight and my friend passing me by in reading it, eventually I coulnd't restrain myself anymore and caught up with the manga.
Even though I really enjoyed it from start to finish I do have to state that I prefer the first 100 chapters over rest of the series, in my eyes it doesn't really get any better than that. While the art does improve after those chapters to levels of the insane, in my eyes the story slows down a lot in pacing and kinda loses it's edge. What I liked so much about the first arcs in Berserk was the very adult way of presenting the world, the themes of loss, hate, revenge, love, ambition, friendship. They were all represented in a way that felt so real and unlike anything I had experienced before in fiction. And while this does continue in some way, overtime it feels like it becomes more generic battle like manga in certain ways, and the arcs felt like they were losing what made in particulair the Black Swordsman and Golden Age arcs so good.
I understand that Miura probably wanted to try new things in his later arcs, and I think he succeeds in a lot of aspects with really good fights and scenes unlike anything before and some really interesting characters that get introduced throughout the way while also developing Guts' character more. I enjoy a lot of these new aspects of Berserk, but I also really miss the more harsh, depressing, cruel and seemingly more human aspects from the earlier arcs, especially the Golden Age arc had such a good balance between more sad and horror like elements of a story and the happier ones and making for such an unforgetable conclusion where this all comes together.
In the most recent arc of Berserk, the Fantasia arc, this feels especially lacking for me, while I also like a lot of the things this arc does, it doesn't really feel like the Berserk I knew to me in a lot of ways, for example the more light comedy aspects seem to be taking a bigger role here and a new setting that doesn't really sit right with me. It feels like Berserk went from a very special dark fantasy manga to a more general and light one.
But despite me not liking the last few volumes from Berserk, I still believe that it can get better. I want to believe that Miura is using these more light moments of Berserk before dragging it down into an epic final conclusion that with all the setup it has had could even be more impactful than the eclipse from the Golden Age. A lot of signs are pointing in that direction, and that is what is keeping me hyped and why I still enjoy Berserk so much. If Miura is doing what I think he is then all of these minor complaints I have here will be swat away and I will become a Berserk stan once more and praise it as one of the best manga ever made. So yea even though I feel like Berserk has slowed down a lot over time I do believe we are now at the start of a conclusion to the story that has all the ingredients to be worthy of a story as great as Berserk, and it's keeping me hopeful for the future of this manga.
Mar 26, 2021
Berserk review
So for clarity, I love Berserk. I originally found Berserk based off a recommendation from a friend, and I don't regret binging it in a matter of a week. I will try my best to avoid spoilers, and if there are any, I will put a warning.
What I noticed with the other reviews on here was, generally speaking, people who have weak stomachs, despise gore and sexual content, and who generally hate saddening stories will not like Berserk whatsoever. It is dark, it is edgy, and it is glorious.

Story -10-
This will be a spoiler free synopsis of Berserk. I will purposefully leave out information. If you want better, either read another review or use google.

The story of Berserk starts off with a simple plot: an edgy man (Guts) with a big sword kills demons with the assistance of an elf (Puck). We don't know why he's swinging the sword, nor why he's such an edgy douche all the time until the end of The Black Swordsman Arc. This is simply to grab the reader's attention, as it imposes questions that the reader will ask like "Why does his big sword go swoosh swoosh?"

Thus the transition to Guts' backstory begins with the best arc, The Golden Age arc. It showcases how Guts' came to be a mercenary, the friendships and love-life he made (and lost), how one man's dream can impact the lives of thousands, and how humans can deter fate (Guts' being the embodiment of denying fate and doing the impossible).

After the Golden Age Arc, we go back to Guts killing demons, and we now understand why he's doing what he's doing and why he has the attitude he has toward life. We know why he's on a rampage, and what he intends to do with the rage built up inside him. He gains new friends to join him on his quest, each with their own personality, and we slowly see a change in his personality because of the new people he surrounds himself with. They are able to assist him with things he can't handle alone, and protect people he cares about when he can't be there. On top of new friends, Guts also gains new abilities, one of them being the Berserker Armor, WHICH IS THE MOST BADASS PIECE OF ARMOR I'VE EVER SEEN. Take Batman, but if Batman liked pain, and resembled a dog. That is the Berserker armor.
Now his big sword goes swoosh swoosh, he can't feel pain, and is stronger than a demon dragon made of corundum (which is one of the hardest materials in the world).

I will say arcs after the golden age feel like a let down most of the time, as Guts' new party feels rather bland at times, however they haven't been fully fleshed out, and I feel as Miura intends to flesh them out at some point.

Art 50/10
Say what you want about Berserk, but the art is not something to talk bad about. Unlike most mangaka, Miura takes the time to draw every character in a panel, whether there be 2 of them or 500 of them. It's something you have to see for yourself, as most of Miura's artwork looks absolutely phenomenal. The fact Berserk is a fantasy manga allows Miura to be even more creative with creatures, from a goat with a snake penis, to dick gorillas.

Characters 9/10:
There are some characters I see no point to (I.E, Isidro and Puck) other than being comic relief characters. Yes there are a few gags even in the most serious arcs of Berserk, but some characters do slightly feel annoying to me. The only reason these types of characters exist is because Miura himself stated that he grows so depressed writing Berserk at times, that he needs to humor himself once in a while, which is fine. Puck will constantly reference other works (like JoJo, Devilman, Akira, and StarWars) and constantly breaks the fourth wall as Chestnut Puck. It feels out of place in the word of Berserk, but again it's not so bad that you'll put Berserk down.

Enjoyment 10/10:
If it's not clear already, I love Berserk. It is easily the best manga I've ever had the pleasure of reading. And I've read a lot of manga. Anime-Only's have no clue what they're missing out on, as the anime does not do Berserk justice. Hopefully one day Berserk will receive a faithful adaptation, but until then the manga is the only form of Berserk anyone should be introduced to.

Overall 10000000/10:
I like Berserk. Big sword clang and swoosh swoosh.

Anyone rating this less than a 6 is one of the following:
1) A Moe Pansy
2) A troll
3) Someone with bad taste

End of story, you can't change my mind.

Mar 26, 2021
Berserk review
Where to even begin with Berserk... This thing is a multi-decade sprawling monster of a manga, and it's intimidating to crack open even in an electronic format. I will say that I enjoyed the Golden Age sub-arcs, even if they had the tendency to get a tad repetitive (HERE'S THE NEW SUPER TOUGH UBER NEON GREEN TIGERSAURUS DEATH SQUADRON, oh wait Guts killed all of them), and really did find myself invested in the Band, to the point where the (you know what) had appropriate emotional impact even if I was already spoiled. It all develops slowly, but Miura really does tend to have a point as he goes along. I particularly enjoyed the sort of background scheming between Griffith and the one hooded councilor dude whose name I forget, and the other lengths to which Miura goes to establish the brutality of the feudal world he's creating. The political machinations are just as cruel as the battlefield in Berserk. It's really a cruel, cruel world, not to repeat myself but of a general lack of other words with which to describe it. Despite my previous praise for characters, however, I really do think Miura has lost his way in that regard. Puck is now a walking meme rather than an actual character, and between him and Isidro it really does get to be quite tiring. "Meme Puck" can also bite it, too. That little onion piece of shit has no place in the gritty, brutal world, dammit. Besides this though, the overall arc of Guts becoming a heavily armored babysitter is, in my opinion, a mishandling of the character, but I would need to write a book to explain this. The art of Berserk is absolutely astounding. Miura makes some incredible locales, like when the Godhand first appear in like... a fucking M.C. Escher stairs dimension???? How dope is that shit? His intricately detailed horseback battleground scenes are beautiful and honestly worthy of minutes of scrutiny at a time, making the reading experience all that longer (not that I'm complaining). We all also know the iconic, heavily-lined panels where Guts breaks out into full rage. There are some minor nitpicks to be had, like the previously mentioned Meme Puck, and how sometimes Miura sort of forgets what Guts looks like. There are these hilarious panels after Guts kills the first apostle you see him face off with where he just looks beefy as all shit, and these got a hearty chuckle out of me. Miura's creature design is amazing and unsettling, inspiring Dark Souls bosses among other things. These also degrade with time, but some of the early apostles are so elaborately hideous that you can't help but ogle them. But yeah. I would recommend anybody to take the plunge and grow up with Guts, then have your heart broken just like his. But Miura really has let this ENDLESS HIATUS dilute the product, with no real direction in sight, which has definitely degraded the whole thing to some degree. But Berserk has some of the highest highs of any media I've ever consumed.
Mar 26, 2021
Berserk review
Berserk is a fantastic manga, perhaps one of the best ever written. However, you'll find plenty of praise here, and I'd like to say that normally, I'd give Berserk a 9/10, or even a 10/10. However, I'd like to focus on something in Berserk that may cause some people to not enjoy it.

Berserk is dark. Like, seriously dark. Dark enough to make you wince and cry and hate the characters themselves. Most of the time, the darkness is very justifiable. One of the main villains is an extremely Machiavellian person, and will do whatever to succeed in life, whether it be selling his own body, letting someone die, or even worse things that I won't say to not spoil the plot. There is one incident at the end of the Golden Arc that I believe is entirely well done, and establishes a villain extremely well; but at the same time, it sets the stage for what I would consider an unnecessary amount of dark. Something in particular happens that has absolutely no purpose to the plot or characters. It is used as a cheap way to tug at your emotions and make you hate a certain antagonist much more than you otherwise would.

From the end of the Golden Arc, there are several more instances of this. Whether it involves a character almost getting raped (this is actually the main tool, this happens far too often for absolutely no reason), or a merciless slaughter of a town (don't forget, one of the women is getting raped too), it just seems so pointless. I dare to say that Miura puts these instances in the Manga as an attempt to keep people interested, or even as a selling point for the manga. Berserk: The Darkest Manga Around.

If you are someone who doesn't like this sort of pointless atrocity, you'll probably find yourself not enjoying several sections of the manga. I for one, enjoy these sections anyways for the most part, but I have enough insight to know that they are ultimately either a plot device, a tool to make me hate a character, or an easy way to say "this guy is a villain."

Recently, Miura has actually gotten better at this sort of thing. There hasn't been a rape/almost rape sequence in a number of volumes. In fact he introduced a whole league of villains without using the rape/slaughter tactic to make me hate them.

Overall, Berserk is still easily one of the best Manga ever written, especially the Golden Arc, the Millennium Falcon arc, and whatever arc Guts gets a certain set of armor in.
Auteur Miura, Kentarou
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